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Ceramic tile performance term Content Four
- Jun 12, 2018 -

9. Chemical corrosion resistance:

It refers to the resistance of ceramic tile to chemical substances (such as acid, alkali and salt). Chemical corrosivity is good, even if be in acidity or alkaline environment for a long time, ceramic tile also won't have what change. Raise to resist chemical corrosive, can extend the service life of ceramic tile under natural condition, ceramic tile fights dirt to resist corrosive ability more strong also, daily clear more convenient.

10. Gloss:

The strength that points to ceramic tile polishing brick surface reflects light ability is weak, glossiness is taller, reflect light ability is stronger, so its surface looks like a mirror, the light can differentiate a person.

11. Glaze decoration:

Adopt roller barrel, illusionary color craft, build the stereo glaze effect such as metal, rock, sandstone, natural, contemporary, classical style all have.

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