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Ceramic tile
- Oct 28, 2018 -

Ceramic art brick is a new type of material that can be used as a form of ceramic art in architectural decoration. Ceramic tiles are usually hand-carved with ceramic clay (or purple sand) and then fired at temperatures above 1180 degrees. It can be natural or glazed. It can be used outdoors for a long time without changing the color. It is an ideal material for landscape art modeling.

China was the first country to use ceramic tiles, as early as the Han Dynasty. In the past, a similar Rustic decor puzzle tile was just a decorative brick. Now it is not only a building material, but also an artistic style that can intervene in the environment. Italian architectural artist Nino Caruso has been studying ceramic tiles throughout his life and has kept his work around the world. American ceramic artist Carline Court has created a large number of ceramic tiles in her artistic career. Chinese artists follow the principle of miniaturization of ceramic tiles, introducing them into living spaces and expanding the application range of ceramic tiles. Chinese potter Zhu Legeng and Zhang Wentao combine ceramic tiles with ceramic murals to give a fresh visual experience. Pattern tiles are the most common form of ceramic tiles.

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