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Can different bricks use the same tile adhesive? How to choose a tile adhesive according to the type of brick?
- Aug 01, 2018 -

Experts answer: Li Wenqing said that the current quality of ceramic tiles is quite different, mainly because of the different degrees of ceramics, resulting in different porosity and pore size of the tiles. The bonding principle of tile adhesive and ceramic tile, in addition to the glue bonding effect of the modified material, is the physical bite cooperation - that is, after the mortar is hardened, part of the hardened body penetrates into the pores and holes of the tile to form a bite. If the same tile adhesive is used for different bricks, it may cause the bonding failure.

Experts said that most of the current ceramic tile adhesive products are divided according to the type of ceramic tile, such as vitrified brick adhesive, mosaic adhesive, tile adhesive, etc. Consumers should choose according to the type of ceramic tile. Corresponding tile adhesive.

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