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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Ten
- May 13, 2018 -

25. polished tiles can be used for bathroom and kitchen?

Bathrooms and kitchens are places where water often accumulates. Polished tiles do not touch the water. Therefore, polished tiles are not generally used for toilets and kitchens, but matt glazed tiles are more used; however, small-size polished tiles such as 300*300 are used. Friction between the seams can increase the slippage.

25. Isn't the bigger the better, the more upscale?

The size of the bricks laid out in the room is generally proportional to the size of the room. Small bricks and large rooms are too fragmented, while large bricks and small rooms feel that they are not layered and too rigid. Generally speaking, if the securities transaction exceeds 30 square meters, 800*800 shops may be considered, and 45 square or more stores may be considered to be 1000*1000, while considering personal preferences and buying brick costs.

Affected by various factors such as production equipment, technology level, and management control, these factors are currently similar to those of the Eagle and Dongpeng, and the quality of the products is almost the same.

27. When laying tiles, why do the seams cross over?

Pave the same plane with products of different working sizes, especially when the sizes of the products are inconsistent with different products;

There is no pull line and no brick seams are reserved;

No uniform paving in the pattern direction.

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