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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Three
- May 05, 2018 -

8, wall tiles can be spread on the bathroom floor?

Wall tiles (ceramic tiles) are generally not paved on the ground. Because the ceramic tile is ceramic, its mechanical strength is low, and it is easy to be damaged by pressure when it is laid on the ground. The toilet floor is wet for a long time and the tiles are prone to moisture expansion and cracking; besides, the glazed tiles are not slippery.

9. What are the differences between premium products and primary products (qualified products)?

Premium products and first-class products are all qualified products. Products that can be used normally have no effect on their functions. Mainly reflected in the appearance of the quality and deformation of the allowable range is different, such as surface spots, pinholes and so on.

10, excellent products have no defects?

Since ceramic products are products of various raw materials that have been fired at high temperatures, imperfections, deformations, and other defects cannot be completely avoided. National standards also allow certain degrees of defects to exist. Such as the surface quality, excellent quality of polished tiles stipulates that at least 95% of the bricks are 0.8m away from the vertical surface without any defects.

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