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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Two
- May 04, 2018 -

6, What are the varieties of porcelain tiles?

Glazed interior wall tiles: tiles, flower patches, waistline;

Ceramic exterior wall tiles: color glazed tiles, unglazed bricks, wool bricks, mosaic tiles;

Ceramic floor tiles: Porcelain tiles, color glazed tiles, split bricks, red floor tiles, mosaic tiles, square tiles, and stepped tiles.

7. What is the difference between polished tiles and glass fossils?

There are many kinds of polished tiles on the market, such as planed bricks, whole bricks, vitrified tiles, and complete glass fossils. Bolivian fossils are also known as polished tiles. They are popularly called on the market and are professionally called “polished porcelain”. brick".

8, wall tiles can be spread on the bathroom floor?

Wall tiles (ceramic tiles) are generally not paved on the ground. Because the ceramic tile is ceramic, its mechanical strength is low, and it is easy to be damaged by pressure when it is laid on the ground. The toilet floor is wet for a long time and the tiles are prone to moisture expansion and cracking; besides, the glazed tiles are not slippery.WLT01 wood look tile GMB615012 1560.jpg

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