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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Seven
- May 10, 2018 -

19, why wall cracks?

First, the water absorption rate of the wall tiles is high, especially in the wet environment of the bathroom. The green body absorbs the moisture in the air and expands. The glaze layer does not swell and cause stress. When it exceeds the glazed bearing capacity, it will crack; on the other hand, due to construction selection Improper adhesives, if the cement, sand, water ratio is not appropriate, the stress generated by the large volume change of the curing process, beyond the capacity of glazed tiles and cracking.

20. Why is the use of frost resistance in cold areas particularly good for exterior wall tiles?

In winter, the outdoor temperature in cold regions is often below 0°C. Wall bricks absorb moisture from the atmosphere. As the temperature changes from liquid to solid, the volume of the tiles constantly changes, causing the wall tiles to flake off. Therefore, the frost resistance must be good, that is, the water absorption rate must be high. small.

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