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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Six
- May 09, 2018 -

17. Why does the glazed tile in the warehouse sometimes crack automatically?

The main reason is that the firing time of the glazed tile is too short, the temperature is too low, the physical and chemical reaction of the blank is insufficient, the volume of the blank changes at a later stage, and the glaze layer generates stress. When the stress reaches a certain value, cracking occurs later.

18. Why does the paving wall sometimes fall off quickly?

When cementing the wall tile, cement mortar is used as the adhesive. The water absorption rate of the wall tile is large. If the water is not immersed in advance, the porous ceramic tile will absorb the moisture in the cement mortar. The cement needs a lot of moisture during the curing process, because the water loss becomes no adhesive force and there is no strength, and the bricks and mortar with cement mortar come off together from the wall.

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