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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Nine
- May 12, 2018 -

23. Why does a paved floor tile sometimes “lift up” after a period of time?

It is caused by the shrinkage caused by the improper proportioning of the adhesive used for laying. After firing, the size of the floor tile and the size of the solidified floor do not change much, and the inappropriate volume of the adhesive between the two will produce a large change, resulting in the floor tile escaping from the ground.

24. What are the characteristics of antique tiles?

Antique tiles are ceramic tiles of classic style and antique shapes that are manufactured using modern ceramic tile production technology. Because of the nostalgic psychology, people often have a special affection for the simple and natural environment. The rough surface texture of rustic tiles, the color texture of the refutation, and the dark and elegant tone make it possible to create an atmosphere far away. Antique tiles look like old objects, but due to high-temperature firing, the texture is hard and glazed wear-resistant. There are many product specifications, complete matching flower pieces, flexible laying methods, and greatly enhanced expressiveness.

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