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Basic knowledge of the tile industry Content Four
- May 06, 2018 -

11. Is the brick made from underground mud?

The main raw materials for the production of wall and floor tiles are: kaolin and chemical raw materials, etc. Kaolin mainly includes sand, stone powder, black peony and white peony, etc. The chemical materials mainly include chromogenic materials, water reducing agents and so on. The popular saying is that bricks are made of earthworms, but it is not an ordinary stone. To achieve a certain chemical composition, quality and stability can be the ideal raw materials.

12. The bricks are ceramic bricks, white bricks are porcelain bricks, and red bricks are not as white bricks.

This is unscientific. It is the content of iron and titanium oxide in the raw material that determines the color of the blank. The higher the content is, the darker the color appears after firing. It only determines the color of the blank and will not affect the color of the blank. To the quality of the brick. The main factor affecting the internal quality of bricks is the degree of sintering. Good quality bricks are truly “burned” bricks.

13. Why do you want to polish candles or apply antifouling agents to polished tiles?

Polishing bricks can better protect the bricks, avoid the impact of external materials during construction, and damage the friction; after the removal of the wax can increase the gloss of the brick; more importantly, can fill the brick surface pores, so that the dirt will not be stuffed Within the stomata, it is easy to clean daily.

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