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Antique tiles help you decorate home five characteristics
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Nowadays, there are more and more types of tiles, including ancient blue-and-white porcelain, modern and simple geometric mosaic patterns, European-style retro patterns, etc., which are elegant in luxury, traditional in fashion, texture effects and color matching are very colorful. Antique tiles are divided into monochromatic bricks and tiles according to their styles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-scale paving. They can be used to create a virtual space through the texture, color, and specifications of the tiles, or mixed with natural materials such as wood. sense.

With the refurbishment of designs and styles, the proportion of ceramic tiles in modern home improvement building materials has become greater.

1, the living room to choose more tricks

On the ground of the living room, the area is partitioned with tiles, which divides the area at a glance, makes the content of the space more abundant, and forms a visual contrast; but the use of unique style tiles to decorate the film and television background wall has become a kind of modern decoration style. New favorite.

2, to create an antique bedroom

Even more consumers, in order to highlight the personalization of the overall decorating style, choose to put on a variety of tiles in the bedroom, which is the finishing touch. Such an antique bedroom was released.

3, the kitchen is easy to clean the most critical

Antique tiles are all fired in porcelain, and they are imported with glaze on the surface, so they feel somewhat bumpy and feel good. Strong anti-permeability, not easy to pollute, easy to clean dirt. In the laying process, you can choose a small size of single-color bricks, with a small amount of hand-painted flowers as a decorative ornament, the use of the waist line as a color distinction, the style you want to show incisively and vividly.

4, bathroom color highlights the sense of space

The bathroom should select the color and style of the antique tiles according to the open toilet and the dark toilet. For example, the bathroom of the toilet has good ventilation and bright lighting, and the antique tiles with rich colors or rich colors can be selected; For example, white matt, beige, etc., make the whole bathroom a lot of bright, matched with a small number of flowers as a decoration, with a darker waist line as a space division, enhance the three-dimensional space. The bathroom is the place where most of the water is touched every day. Choosing non-slip tiles is essential. At present, the famous brands of antique tiles have 100% anti-skid properties.

5, restaurant antique brick shop

Antique tiles not only retain the rustic thickness of the pottery, but also exquisite porcelain moisturizing, high wear resistance, comfortable and warm foot, and its biggest feature is its rich colors, different specifications, and many kinds of paving, more and more affected by High-end consumer's favor. Commonly used antique brick paving methods, in addition to the same as the traditional tile and tile method, the antique brick, there are herringbone paste, I-shaped paste, oblique-shaped ridge line, floor tile with edge line and so on. Paving methods can be varied and varied. According to the style of decoration to choose the way of decoration, oblique-shaped ridge line, cut corner tiles lining small tiles are now more popular paving program. When paving, according to the size of antique tiles and decoration style decided to pull the size of the seam. If the living room and dining room are divided into areas, the drawing room of the living room is relatively large, and the pulling of the dining room is smaller, so the overall effect is better.

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