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Antique brick cultural connotation
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The antique brick products were introduced from abroad first, and after the Chinese people digested and absorbed the innovation and produced new ceramic products. From the process point of view, the antique brick is evolved from the color glazed brick, which is essentially a glazed porcelain brick. At present, the use of antique bricks and cultural connotations have been extended to a larger area of architectural decoration. As a product with an elegant cultural element, the range of applications for rustic tiles has been widened widely. Elegant culture can not only cover elegant consumer culture, but also can cover the mass consumer culture. If we look at antique bricks from the perspective of elegant culture, summarizing them, antique bricks can be divided into the following cultural connotations and characteristics.

Rich classical mood

Antique bricks classified according to the world’s major civilizations and ethnic cultures can be divided into several major product lines: Romantic Europe, Primitive Africa, Mysterious Egypt, Ancient India, Elegant China, and Babylonian Kingdom. Among them, the most popular one is the antique brick series of romantic European and elegant Chinese series. Here, the color on the antique brick becomes the most influential element in the product design. In the field of art appreciation color itself can represent an emotion, and can also represent a certain custom. In the antique tile product line, the patterns on the tiles have also become symbols and symbols of civilization. Such antique bricks are decorated on the walls and undoubtedly play an attractive role. The elegant style of antique bricks can relax the viewer's imagination and make people feel the charm of classical art symbols.

Deep nostalgia

In a variety of tile products used in indoor and outdoor space decoration, people increasingly like the pursuit of non-light stimulation products. The appearance of the antique bricks is precisely adapted to the needs of people's perspectives to appreciate comfort, so the antique brick products also have more matt-type features. In order to work, the owner ran around for a day and returned to the family park. Due to the matt appearance of the antique tiles, the viewer does not look dazzling, giving people a feeling that is no longer bizarre, but reflects a deep mood and a kind of nostalgic mood rendering. In fact, the use of matt antique and light polishing, the basic function is the same, the main difference is that the matt brick wear resistance is worse.

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