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Advantages and Disadvantages of Woodgrain Floor Tiles Content One
- May 24, 2018 -

1 inexpensive and environmentally friendly products. Wood-grained tiles are not real wooden boards, but they are made of new products that are based on ceramic tiles and special skills. From the appearance alone, it is no different from the solid wood floor. Only the texture and comfort of this wood floor tile is slightly worse than that of the solid wood floor, but through its strong abrasion resistance, water resistance, environmental protection and Many advantages such as easy cleaning and maintenance have won the popularity of many consumers.

2 a lot of fancy chosen by you. If it is only easy to take care of, economic benefits, etc., imitation solid wood tiles are not so popular, and its variety of fancy has laid a solid foundation for its prevalence. Wood grain floor tiles are not as solid wood flooring as a single style, a wide variety of shapes and colors provide consumers with a lot of choice, therefore, no matter what kind of personality decoration of your home, can be selected in the wood grain brick to the appropriate Style to match.

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