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7 major differences between polished tiles and rustic tiles Content Three
- Jun 15, 2018 -

5. Polished bricks are regarded as the biggest light pollution source in foreign countries, while antique bricks are almost matt, there is no such problem. This is similar to the contrast between a clear glass bulb and a frosted one.

6. Anti-fouling problem, and good polishing brick, 2-3 years, the surface has been seriously batik pollution absorption, almost 5 years or so, must be redecorated and pasted. There are few such problems with antique bricks.

7, look from the bibulous rate, archaize brick is original porcelain glazed pottery, porcelain bottom itself and polishing brick, there is no difference, the difference is only on the whiteness and may throw on the formula, so the body bibulous rate can reach 0.1%, and there is no difference between polishing brick, but it was completely different two brick surface, archaize brick surface never bibulous (dirty), polishing brick is "tears".

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